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The piece of code I have runs through the array and makes a clickable link of each element

foreach($query as $news_item)
       <a href= <?php echo base_url("pages/view/"); echo $news_item['game_id']; ?> >test</a>

I'm attempting to use the baseurl() to return to site url, then direct to the pages/view/ and then a variable of the game_id of the element in the array.

The example above gives me the follow url for the link;


even though, there is clearly a / after view, its completely ignoring it and I've zero idea as to why as I'm still new to php.

Any help would be lovely!

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Sounds like it's stripping it out as part of the base_url function. Try this instead

<a href="<?php echo base_url("pages/view/{$news_item['game_id']}"); ?>">test</a>

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That works perfectly! Wasn't aware you do do the {} in the middle of strings to include another variable –  user1725794 Feb 19 '13 at 21:39

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