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I got a Canvas with XAML Elements on it from an external framework so the Canvas is like a black box for me. If i press on a control an event is raised with an EventHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) ... I do need to show a Popup control at the position where I clicked at...

Now I'm questioning myself where I could get the position I tapped at from ?!?? Is there an easy way to get the position ?

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It seems like there are a lot of unknowns in your question - you don't mention what event is raised for example, but you could get the sender of the event and cast it to a UIElement or some other expected type, then you can call something like this to extract the position of the element.

var position = element
    .TransformPoint(new Point());

To get the actual position of the touch or mouse key press - you can either try subscribing to a PointerPressed event on the base canvas and then replace new Point() in that code above with the position you got or if the event doesn't bubble up (your handler doesn't get invoked) - you can navigate the visual tree (using VisualTreeHelper) and try to subscribe to that event on the child elements of that Canvas.

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finally i got my pointer where i pressed at :) now i am questioning myself how i can position my panel inside my grid at the pointers coords. i got the pointer relative to my grid already. – JuHwon Feb 27 '13 at 22:49

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