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I have a series of (encoded, or decoded) polylines captured from a service like Google Maps / Open Street Maps.

For example:

var polylines = ["kclaG|i_qLe@i@{AgBu@_AsCyCiBmBMMW[eCiC}A_BEEeBiB{@}@MW]a@a@e@]a@IGGG_AgAm@i@MOYYMEQSCCi@k@KKu@y@{A}Ay@cA{@{@eBiBOMe@k@_@a@e@e@QQY[cAkAUWMOUWu@w@AACCYY?AMKUUSSSQ]]GGECCCECA?AAA?A?C?G?WB"

I want to store these as GeoJSON. I've found plenty of packages which render GeoJSON through tools like Leaflet, but I'm having trouble finding packages that could export polylines to GeoJSON.

Do any solutions like this exist or is there a particular subset of the GeoJSON standard that I should be looking into so I can write the tool myset?

Side note: I ultimately want a KML or SHP file. I'm planning to use http://ogre.adc4gis.com/ to convert from GeoJSON to SHP.

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When you say "I have a series of polylines captured", what format are the polylines captured in? –  geocodezip Feb 19 '13 at 21:50
@geocodezip I have their encoded form in json format at the moment, although I'm already loading and rendering them through Leaflet so I have access to the points that make them up. –  slifty Feb 19 '13 at 21:58
Why do you need to convert to GeoJSON? You might be interested in this tool which will add your encoded polylines to the map and export them as KML. –  geocodezip Feb 19 '13 at 22:07

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