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I need to hide() all class level elements of '.dd-container' except when that element has an id of '#tools'.

I tried the following (which didn't work) but I'm pretty sure I fudged the syntax:

$('div:has(.dd-container):not(#tools .dd-container)').hide();
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I think this should work:


edit: Think I mis-read the question. Is there one dd-container-class that also has an id of tools? If so, then you need to change it to this:


or this: (Which should perform faster according to some tests I did a while back)

$(".dd-container:not(#tools)", "div").hide();

The reason it's faster, is because it's looking for the classes first, instead of looking for all divs, and then going through them all...I think.

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Yeah perhaps I didn't explain it too well. The first one didn't work because, as you said, the dd-container has an id of tools. I ended up solving this before I seen your last edit, but I solved it exactly the same way. Thanks for your efforts. –  Ryan Tomlinson Sep 30 '09 at 9:05

(Note the lack of space after '#tools') or


(As ids are unique, you can probably dispense with the class specifier for the 'not' selector)

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#tools .dd-container

there is a blank between #tools and .dd-container that means all children of #tools with the class .dd-container e.g.

<table id="tools"><tr class='dd-container'>

so #tools.dd-container should work however the answer of peirix is much easier to read.

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