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Is there a limit to the number of apps I can host with a single Heroku account?

I currently run multiple apps each using 1 dyno for free. But could I host hundreds (or even thousands) of small applications for free?

I also know there is a 2TB bandwidth soft limit, but is there any other limitation I could encounter?

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A clear answer surfaced in the Heroku July 2013 newsletter about platform limits. The maximum number of apps per account is 100.


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Moreover, unverified accounts can have up to 5 apps. (a verified account is an account with credit card information attached to it) – Shahar Nacht Aug 28 '15 at 9:40

There's currently no limit on the number of apps that you can create, but please see item 4.4 of the Heroku Terms of Service.

You may not develop multiple Applications to simulate or act as a single
Application or otherwise access the Heroku Services in a manner intended
to avoid incurring fees.
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If you have unverified account then the maximum number of apps is 5 only and for verified account number is 100.

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