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Quick background:

  • CRUD plugin
  • WP 3.5
  • Creating this plugin for my personal knowledge - I'm sure one already exists.
  • Variables echo out ok.
  • The create portion of plugin needed 3 hours of research to get the query to work. Tried everything in codex, a handful of answers from Stack Overflow until something worked.


  • Updating a row in a custom table.
  • This query will work in SQL ->

    UPDATE wp_current_issue SET issue_year=9999, issue_month=29 WHERE issue_id=17;


global $wpdb;
            'issue_year' => $issue_year,
            'issue_month' => $issue_month
        array('issue_id' => $issue_edit_id),

As well as: (with and without backticks around column names)

global $wpdb;
$sql = $wpdb->prepare("UPDATE wp_current_issue SET issue_year=".$issue_year.", issue_month=".$issue_month." WHERE issue_id=".$issue_edit_id);


Now the funny thing is, I went through the same thing with the INSERT INTO statement. Tried everything. Only thing that would work is this:

        global $wpdb;

    $sql = $wpdb->prepare(
        "INSERT INTO `".CURRENT_ISSUE_TABLE."` (`issue_path`,`issue_img_path`,`issue_year`,`issue_month`) VALUES (%s,%s,%d,%d)", $fileName_issue, $fileName_img, $issue_year, $issue_month);


Anyone know how I could rewrite this query for an update statement?

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Assuming I understood your problem correctly if you want to rewrite that insert into an update then just use

$sql = $wpdb->prepare(
"UPDATE `".CURRENT_ISSUE_TABLE."` SET `issue_path` = %s, `issue_img_path` = %s, `issue_year` = %s, `issue_month` = %s
    WHERE issue_id = %i", $fileName_issue, $fileName_img, $issue_year, $issue_month, $issue_edit_id);

The rest is the same.

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Unfortunately, no dice on that query. But I did learn something important -> the integer variable... %i. How did I not know that? Thanks for a quick reply man. – TheWozJesse Feb 19 '13 at 23:05
This absolutely worked. Please forgive my earlier dismissal of your response. It was a form problem all along; I left a blank action on it. Rookie stuff. I faced that problem earlier and immediately thought it was wordpress query syntax. Thank you again sir! – TheWozJesse Feb 19 '13 at 23:45
No problem, happy to help. – Zoltan Fedor Feb 19 '13 at 23:56

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