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I am having trouble executing a nested for loop to create a list of stems for use in a scrape. The simple data frame contains 2 variables, name and number of photos. I want the code to spit out a list/matrix of the stems like this:

Alex/1 Alex/2 Alex/3 Alice/1 .....

I can get it to work when doing the rows one at a time but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do it through the loop of all the names.

Any help would be super appreciated and will hopefully be used by anyone who wants to scrape HTML with this structure!

Here is my code thusfar:

for(Name in data$Names){
    for(Photo in data$Photos)
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Is this what you want? I know you said you wanted a list, but I think a vector of characters is just as easy.

#I'm guessing your data looks something like this...
data <- data.frame( Names = c("Simon" , "Alex" , "Ben", "Dave") , Photos = c( 4 , 3 , 2 , 3) , Misc = c( 4 , 3 , 4 , 4 ) )

#Use apply rather than nested loops
stem.list <- unlist( apply( data , 1 , function(x) { i <- 1:x[2]; paste( x[1] , i , x[3] , sep ="/") } ) )

Which gives...

> stem.list
 [1] "Simon/1/4" "Simon/2/4" "Simon/3/4" "Simon/4/4" "Alex/1/3"  "Alex/2/3"  "Alex/3/3" 
 [8] "Ben/1/4"   "Ben/2/4"   "Dave/1/4"  "Dave/2/4"  "Dave/3/4" 
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This is exactly it! Thank you so much Simon! –  abresler Feb 19 '13 at 23:00
This works perfectly; I just have one addition -- what if you want to another part to this so it would end up Simon/1/4, Simon/2/4... –  abresler Feb 19 '13 at 23:23
Where is the 4 coming from? Is it another value in an additional column. Do all people have the same value at the end, i.e. /4 or is it different for different people? If it's just say 4 for everyone, just add to the paste part, so stem.list <- unlist( apply( data , 1 , function(x) { i <- 1:x[2]; paste( x[1] , i , 4 , sep ="/") } ) ) if it's different and the value comes from another column in the dataframe (in this case the 3rd column ) use stem.list <- unlist( apply( data , 1 , function(x) { i <- 1:x[2]; paste( x[1] , i , x[3] sep ="/") } ) ) –  Simon O'Hanlon Feb 19 '13 at 23:49
I have now edited the answer to reflect the additional changes you wanted. –  Simon O'Hanlon Feb 19 '13 at 23:52
Simon- the four in this example is just the number of photos. Your code works perfectly; thank you so much!! –  abresler Feb 20 '13 at 0:00
 dat <- data.frame(name=letters[1:4],photo=1:4)
 dat.ex <- expand.grid(dat)
 [1] "a/1" "b/1" "c/1" "d/1" "a/2" "b/2" "c/2" "d/2" "a/3" "b/3" "c/3" "d/3" "a/4" "b/4" "c/4" "d/4"
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