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i have to determining which processor is busy and send tasks to processor that arent as busy instead. i have to execute a program using parallel python but i also have to determind which of the servers to send the task to. does any one no what kind of conditions i should use on the parallel processing codes? and its written in python calling PP

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If you have any choice in the matter (which you might not if this is a homework assignment) you might want to consider using ØMQ to handle messaging amongst the various bits of your system. On the Learn page there is an excellent (and very rapid fire) presentation by Ian Barber. It's 45 minutes and well worth watching. It fundamentally changed the way I think about messaging and multi-thread / process / processor communication. It was so information-dense I had to watch it twice and then start doing toy programs to wrap my head around just how clean the whole concept is.

Note: although the language he uses for the presentation is PHP, the code examples he shows would look almost identical in any of the over 20 languages that ØMQ supports. (Multi-process COBOL anyone? :-)

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