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I use

public function get_all_news()
    $result = DB::select()
            ->order_by("ID", "DESC")

    return $result;

to create a query. Now I want to make a similar function for counting a records from the query

public function count_records($query)


how to do that in Kohana?

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In you particular case to get the count of all news count you can simply call Database_Result::count() method on the returned result object, e.g.:

$news = YourModel->get_all_news();
$news_count = $news->count();

If you want to have a universal count_records($query) method, then depending on what parameter you want to pass:

  • if it's simple SQL query string:

    public function count_records($query)
        return DB::query(Database::SELECT, $query)->execute()->count();
  • if it's a Database_Query

    public function count_records(Database_Query $query)
        return $query->execute()->count();
  • or of it's already the Database_Result object, then simply:

    public function count_records(Database_Result $result)
        return $result->count();
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