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We are currently in a desperate need for some manual test management tool. Currently we are using Excel which is unexciting at the very least.

Essentially, litmus is what we need, however it's a pain to install, tailored to Mozilla, buggy and also hasn't been actively developed for a couple of years now.

Can you recommend an open-source alternative?

EDIT: Don't nail me on the proper name on this testing, it's a mixture of smoke, regression and acceptance testing and it's mostly manual for now. We have yet to develop our automated tests, until then we need a proper test definition to check our releases against.

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Putsmail by Pablo Cantero has just been released.

The source code is on GitHub.

It's still at an early stage though.

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How's that a test management tool? –  Nikolai Prokoschenko Mar 7 at 9:13
Sorry, my link is relevant only as an alternative to litmus.com which has nothing to do with Mozilla. I guess people finding this question on SO may either be looking for Mozilla's litmus or the one I was referring to. –  Erwin Mayer Mar 7 at 12:35
Could be. The question is now five years old, and if I remember correctly, Litmus the e-mail testing tool is at most a couple of years old. Anyway, I suppose the question will be closed soon, so never mind. –  Nikolai Prokoschenko Mar 7 at 20:21
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