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I have a set of binding handlers that I load up using requireJS and the problem turned out to be that the ko was binding before the handlers had been added - which is fair enough!

The problem I have is that there were no errors when this happens - knockout ignores any binding handlers that have not been registered.

Is there any way to force an error or at least a console.log when a binding handler cannot be found?


<div data-bind="madeUpBinding: {}">No error here...</div>

This html snippet will be parsed by knockoutjs and show no errors or anything even though madeUpBinding has not been registered as a binding handler.

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If you read the docs on custom bindings you can see why it doesn't give an error. You can use other bindings as a way to pass parameters to your custom binding. In the docs they have a slideVisible binder and they use a non-existent slideDuration to pass the duration of the animation.

So how do you tell if madeUpBinding is a non-existent binding, or a placeholder used to pass parameters to some other binding?

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Ah, fair point... So an error wouldn't be a good idea! I'll wait and see if I get an answer with using console.log otherwise this definitely covers the 'why' – Felix Feb 20 '13 at 1:51

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