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I compiled Julia 0.1 from the source code on my Ubuntu 12.04. It is my first time try with Julia actually.

The compilation got through to the end with no problem but some warnings.

When I try to execute the plot command , here comes the problem,

    julia> plot(x->sin(x^2)/x, -2pi,2pi)
    ERROR: plot not defined

Did the compilation go wrong somewhere or Do I have to install extra package to plot in Julia? Thanks

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Gaston.jl is a Julia script front-end to gnuplot –  bobobobo May 15 '13 at 0:45

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The web-based graphics are outdated and unmaintained (though there's work in progress to get the next generation of web graphics working). Plotting alternatives include the Winston or Gadfly packages at https://github.com/nolta/Winston.jl and https://github.com/dcjones/Gadfly.jl which you can install simply using the Pkg.add("Winston") (or Pkg.add("Gadfly") commands). For documentation and usage examples please refer to the linked repositories.

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For MATLAB-style plotting under Julia, type once


to install the PyPlot package, which gives you access to Python's matplotlib library. Then try e.g.

using PyPlot
x = -2pi:0.1:2pi;
plot(x, sin(x.^2)./x);
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I tried the above, on brand new installation of julia, and I get this error julia> using PyPlot ERROR: PyError (PyImport_ImportModule) <type 'exceptions.ImportError'> ImportError('No module named matplotlib',) scree shot : !Mathematica graphics any idea how to fix this? –  Nasser Jan 8 at 2:33
It means that you don't have matplotlib itself installed on your system. If you're using Ubuntu, the package you're after is python-matplotlib. –  Glen O Mar 19 at 3:59

OK I found the solution myself,

Julia uses a web REPL to provide some basic graphics capabilities. Just have to follow the steps here:


Julian Schrittwieser also has a library based on MathGL:


I am not sure whether it is still under maintenance by the author.

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