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I am trying to build a query and this is its WHERE clause so far:

WHERE ( s.subject_name LIKE '%$keyword%' OR
        c.city_name LIKE '%$keyword%' OR
        o.option_name LIKE '%$option%' OR
        d.district_id = $districtId OR
        c.city_id = $cityId

My actual conditions are:

  • $keyword should always hold a value. Other 3 may not.
  • If only $keyword has a value, returned records should match $keyword in subject_name or city_name.
  • If $optional have a value, then returned records should match $keyword and $option
  • If $districtId has a value, then results should match the 3 variable values ($keyword, $option, $districtId)
  • Finally if $cityId has a value along with the other 3, returned result should match all 4 variables' values.

These conditions come from my search page. $keyword is the value from a text box and a keyword is required to start searching. That's why I said it always has a value. Other 3 values come from select boxes that allows to select the items when they are needed.

I tried to make the query, its ok. But I am really confused with the WHERE clause. Above code is from my WHERE clause so far. But I can not get my desired result.

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What is the desired result, and what do you geT? –  Explosion Pills Feb 20 '13 at 1:42
output come if at least one of the five has to match –  ugnuku Feb 20 '13 at 1:44
@PreetSangha I have checked that link before posting this. But I cant apply it to this. –  ugnuku Feb 20 '13 at 1:47

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If you want to achieve this in pure SQL, this is what you need (or at least it should be close enough):

    ( s.subject_name LIKE '%$keyword%' OR c.city_name LIKE '%$keyword%' )
    AND ('$option' = '' OR (
        o.option_name LIKE '%$option%' AND (
            '$districtId' = '' OR (
                d.district_id = $districtId AND (
                    '$cityId' = '' OR c.city_id = $cityId

However, this is by far sub-optimal. Instead, you should check the contents of user input in PHP and run a different query depending on this input. You could also build the query dynamically:

$query = "SELECT ...";

$query .=
    " WHERE ( ( s.subject_name LIKE '%$keyword%' OR c.city_name LIKE %$keyword%' )";
if ( !empty($option) ) {
    $query .= " AND o.option_name LIKE '%$option%'";
    if ( !empty($districtId) ) {
        $query .= " AND d.district_id = $districtId";
            if ( !empty($cityId) ) {
                $query .= " AND c.city_id = $cityId";
$query .= ')';
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