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Mask for cellphones on all states: (99) 9999-9999

Mask for cellphones in São Paulo (brazil): (99) 99999-9999

It has one more digit than the others states. I have a <option value="STATE_ACRONYM"> with all states listed, São Paulo is "SP"

What I need

When option value = "SP", output specific mask

       $("#celular").mask("(99) 9999-9999");
       $("#celular_sp").mask("(99) 99999-9999");

        <label for="celular">Telefone Celular</label>
             <span class="w">
                <input tabindex="1" class="input" id="celular" type="text" />

         <label for="estado">Estado</label>
        <select id="estado" style="width:300px;">
            <option value="">Selecione</option>
            <option value="AC">Acre</option>
            <option value="AL">Alagoas</option>
            <option value="AP">Amap&aacute;</option>
            <option value="AM">Amazonas</option>
            <option value="BA">Bahia</option>
            <option value="CE">Cear&aacute;</option>
            <option value="DF">Distrito Federal</option>
            <option value="ES">Esp&iacute;rito Santo</option>
            <option value="GO">Goi&aacute;s</option>
            <option value="MA">Maranh&atilde;o</option>
            <option value="MT">Mato Grosso</option>
            <option value="MS">Mato Grosso do Sul</option>
            <option value="MG">Minas Gerais</option>
            <option value="PA">Par&aacute;</option>
            <option value="PB">Para&iacute;ba</option>
            <option value="PR">Paran&aacute;</option>
            <option value="PE">Pernambuco</option>
            <option value="PI">Piau&iacute;</option>
            <option value="RJ">Rio de Janeiro</option>
            <option value="RN">Rio Grande do Norte</option>
            <option value="RS">Rio Grande do Sul</option>
            <option value="RO">Rond&ocirc;nia</option>
            <option value="RR">Roraima</option>
            <option value="SC">Santa Catarina</option>
            <option value="SP">S&atilde;o Paulo</option>
            <option value="SE">Sergipe</option>
            <option value="TO">Tocantins</option>

Possible Solution

If <option value="SP">, then div.celular_sp{style="display:block !important} (made up programming language here, as I don't know PHP)

        <label for="celular">Telefone Celular</label>
             <span class="w">
                <input tabindex="1" class="input" id="celular" type="text" />

        <label for="celular_sp" style="display:none">Telefone Celular - São Paulo</label>
             <span class="w">
                <input tabindex="1" class="input" id="celular_sp" type="text" />
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Why would you want to use two fields for the phone number? Just change / add the mask when the state is changed. In javascript; this cannot / should not be done in a server-side language like php.

Something like:

$("#estado").on("change", function() {
  if ($(this).val() == 'SP') {
    $("#celular").mask("(99) 99999-9999");
  } else {
    $("#celular").mask("(99) 9999-9999");

Edit: Note that you need at least jQuery 1.7 to use on().

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Thanks, that's great! I can't make it work though pastebin.com/KkHnYWya –  Lucas B Feb 20 '13 at 16:21
My HTML is a bit more complete, I tried to put only the relevant parts on this pastebin, so it don't get too confusing –  Lucas B Feb 20 '13 at 16:21
@user2056484 You should try to run it on a site like jsfiddle.net but make sure you include all resources. –  jeroen Feb 20 '13 at 16:26
browser debug: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'on' –  Lucas B Feb 20 '13 at 16:27
@user2056484 Ah, I noticed in your paste that you are using a very old version of jQuery. To use on, you should switch to a newer version like 1.8.3. –  jeroen Feb 20 '13 at 16:30

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