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I'm having some trouble trying to make association works.

My models looks like:


class Advertise < ActiveRecord::Base

  belongs_to :user
  belongs_to :country

  has_many :targets
  # has_many :hss, :through => :targets

  validates :description, :presence => true
  validates :url, :presence => true
  validates :country_id, :presence => true
  validates :kind, :presence => true

  attr_accessible :description, :hits, :url, :active, :country_id, :kind

  KINDS = {
    '1' => 'Commoditie',
    '2' => 'Service',

  HS = {
    '1' => 'Section',
    '2' => 'Chapter',
    '4' => 'Heading',
    '5' => 'SubHeading 1',
    '6' => 'SubHeading 2',


class Hs < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :code, :kind

  has_many :targets
  has_many :advertises, :through => :targets


class Target < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :advertise_id, :hs_id

  belongs_to :advertise
  belongs_to :hs


  def new
    @advertise = Advertise.new

    @countries = Country.all

  def create
    @advertise = current_user.advertises.build(params[:advertise])

    if @advertise.save
      flash[:notice] = 'Advertise created with successful'
      redirect_to root_path
      render :new

the form for creating a new Ad.


    %td{:colspan => 2}= advertise.input :url, :required => true
    %td{:colspan => 2}= advertise.input :description, :required => true, :as => :text, :input_html => { :cols => 50, :rows => 3 }
    %td{:colspan => 2}= advertise.input :country_id, :collection => @countries, :as => :select, :label => 'Origin', :required => true
    %td{:colspan => 2}= advertise.input :kind, :collection => Advertise::KINDS.map(&:reverse), :as => :select, :label => 'Type', :required => true
    %td{:colspan => 2}= advertise.input_field :active, as: :boolean, inline_label: 'Active'

  =fields_for :targets do |target|
      %td= select_tag :hs_kind, options_for_select(Advertise::HS.map(&:reverse).insert(0,'') )
      %td= target.select :hs_id, ''

The hash params:

[3] pry(#<AdvertisesController>)> params
=> {"utf8"=>"✓",
 "commit"=>"Create Advertise",

The hash seems ok to me, but it creates only the Advertise, and not creates the target for the advertise associated.

Any though? Maybe a wrong model association.

Thanks in advance.

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try changing

=fields_for :targets do |target|


= advertise.fields_for :targets do |target|

and add the following to advertise.rb

accepts_nested_attributes_for :targets
attr_accessible :targets_attributes  # just add targets_attributes to attr_accessible

be warned that when you do this, advertise objects that has no targets will not show the fields for targets. you have to build a new target object associated to advertise in order to show the fields

# example: on the new action of the controller
@advertise = Advertise.new
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Thanks! You're a life saver man! –  Kleber S. Feb 20 '13 at 16:50
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