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We have an in-proc crash handler which is using MiniDumpWriteDump() from DbgHelp to write a minidump is case of a process crash. I know its not the best way to do it, however, at the moment we do not have other option.

The problem is: one certain executable always creates 0 byte dumps. But it works well for other processes. What could be the possible reason behind this behavior?

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We had this problem from time to time with our minidumping code. In the end we changed it to spawn a lightweight secondary process on startup and used a simple MMF to communicate with the dumper process when we needed a minidump generated.

We had all sorts of problems using MiniDumpWriteDump from within the process being dumped. Since the change to a dedicated dumping process, it's been very reliable.

If at all possible I suggest you consider the same. It ended up not being that much work.

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+1 We ended up doing this as well. –  Paul Arnold Dec 4 '09 at 15:59

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