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I found when switch pages frequently in the javaFX sample Ensemble.jar, memory will get higher an higher and can't release. This also happened in my project. Is that a bug of javaFX? Now our testers are always complaining about this problem.

Are there some good ways to solve this problem? What can we do in "memory release" in javaFX?

To solve this problem´╝îwhat we've done:

  1. Set the global variables to NULL when we destroyed the javaFX pages.
  2. Decrease the use of "repeated big images" in .css file.
  3. Invoke GC in Platform.runLater(). (This seems a little silly)

But the effect is not so clear, Who can help us?

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Use a profiler to track down any memory leaks. I recommend JProfiler - it has helped me greatly numerous times in the past. Other than that google for "Java Memory Leak" for other resources. –  jewelsea Feb 20 '13 at 4:17
Thank you. Jprofile is useful. –  Keon Wang Feb 28 '13 at 2:10

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