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Note: those annotations, I'm talking about, are specified by JSR305.

I have the latest Findbugs (1.3.9) and it finds errors correctly when some field, annotated with @Nonnull, is assigned to null.

But, in my project, the "non-null logic" is the default case. I would say that null is explicitely allowed only in 5% of cases.

So, it would be very inconvenient to annotate 95% of fields with @Nonnull. I would rather prefer to annotate those 5% of fields with @Nullable.

I tried to annotate a whole package with @Nonnull, it doesn't change anything.

So, it is somehow possible to specify the default logic?

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I am not sure if Fiundbug can deal with the following annotation, but if you want to annotate a all package with "NonNull", you may want to use:


 * This annotation can be applied to a package, class or method to indicate that
 * the method parameters in that element are nonnull by default unless there is:
 * <ul>
 * <li>An explicit nullness annotation
 * <li>The method overrides a method in a superclass (in which case the
 * annotation of the corresponding parameter in the superclass applies)
 * <li> there is a default parameter annotation applied to a more tightly nested
 * element.
 * </ul>
public @interface ParametersAreNonnullByDefault {

See also this article.

Note: at least that annotation is present in some FindBugs test cases.

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Thank you, tried it, Findbugs ignores it (on types AND on packages). Must be a bug in Findbugs ;) JSR305 is inactive anyway. Perhaps I should look around for other solutions. –  ivan_ivanovich_ivanoff Sep 30 '09 at 10:52
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FindBugs now has @ReturnValuesAreNonnullByDefault. It also has @DefaultAnnotation, @DefaultAnnotationForFields, @DefaultAnnotationForMethods and @DefaultAnnotationForParameters.

But I should disclaim that I haven't used any of those in my projects..

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