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I am aware that a UITableView's data source methods are requested when reloadData is executed on the table view.

I am curious as to when they are requested in other circumstances.

Is it on initialization of a table view?
Is it when the table view is added to the view hierarchy?
What about if I load a table view directly from a nib before adding to the view hierarchy? Are the data source methods requested after awakeFromNib?

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Hey Bhargavi, thanks for the link. That doesn't entirely answer my question. That post suggests the order in which the methods may be executed. In any case, I think I found the answer I'm looking for in the Apple docs for UITableView. UITableView overrides the layoutSubviews method of UIView so that it calls reloadData only when you create a new instance of UITableView or when you assign a new data source. –  Fergal Rooney Feb 20 '13 at 14:30

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