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I have an application that using ldap acegi-security-1.0.2.jar . I able to authenticate the user with active directory. I wanted to add NTLM auto login feature for my application. May i know what extra acegi library do i need to do this? is there any example on acegi+nltm on this?

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Spring Security 2 supports NTLM, if you can´t upgrade the library try Jespa.

Some of the things that you can do with Jespa include:

  • Implement NTLM Single Sign-On (SSO) for HTTP servers
  • Check Windows group membership
  • Enable NTLM authentication with AD using a JAAS LoginModule
  • Add NTLM to the builtin HTTP stack or another HTTP client
  • Use NTLM with SASL clients and SASL servers
  • Add NTLM to the standard JNDI LDAP client
  • Easily authenticate and encrypt network communication
  • Create advanced and custom solutions using our intuitive "security provider" API
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Here's another open source library,, that can support integrated windows authentication/sso (no prompt).

The library is installed as a servlet filter.

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Waffle is drop in solution that can be used with springsecurity/acegi to achieve this:

Drop in meaning not have to do all those things in the above list - but having to add a SPN.

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