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I'm trying to figure out how to add and remove classes from html with knockout.

What should happen is that when I click truck, the button should update to be of class btn-red, and the car button should have it's btn-red removed.

I can see that the event binding is working because the alerts are triggered and the correct value is returned, but I can't get the view to update.

I've put together a really simple JSFiddle.net/N8GBB/11/ (stackoverflow won't let me post the link for some reason) Here's the code I'm using in jsfiddle

<button class="btn" data-bind="css:{'btn-red':type()=='car'}, click: set_to_car">Car</button>
<button class="btn" data-bind="css:{'btn-red':type()=='truck'}, click: set_to_truck">Truck</button>
var vehicle={ 
           set_to_car : function(){
        set_to_truck: function(){

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You are not setting your type observable correctly.

The ko.observable method returns a function so if you want to change its value you need to call it as a function with the new value as the argument.

var vehicle={ 
           set_to_car : function(){
        set_to_truck: function(){

Demo JSFiddle.

You can read more about Reading and writing observables in the documentation.

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Thanks @nemesv, I had actually read the documentation, but didn't really understand the implications all in. Thanks for clarifying that. –  pedalpete Feb 20 '13 at 21:42

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