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I have a lots of data to be displayed on one Activity. So, I just used ScrollView. But the thing is I have even 5-6 images to be displayed on the same activity.

So, I used GalleryView inside ScrollView and it exactly suits my requirement. Because in gallery, 5-6 images are kept and it acts as a preview container and whenever user clicks on gallery item, I show the respective image on the ImageView which acts as an enlarged image. This works fine on some devices, but when I tested on ICS devices, the ScrollView is not visible at all and it doesn't work. Finally the gallery view is not shown up at all.

As I have shown in the below figure it just works fine in some devices, but in some devices (ICS) gallery and image in the ImageView do not show up at all. Can some one please help me? I would be very thankful. If some one can suggest me alternative to achieve same kind of feature that gallery provides, it is most welcome as I too know that scrolling things cannot be working in another scrolling thing all the times. Have checked this and some other but nothing worked.

Image of activity and highlighted which part doesn't work on some devices

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