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i was try to beginning ruby/jruby desktop application development, as i've googled before, ruby lacks of distribution/deployment system, so i haven't decided which one to use, is it ruby with green_shoes (gtk) or JRuby with purple_shoes (swing), if i go with green_shoes, then i should provide GTK Runtime, and if JRuby then i should provide JRE, or maybe if possible a portable internet browser and portable server (just like PHP's UniServer).

is there any other alternative to overcome this, so that i could distribute my program, ruby with all required dependency for my program only by copying the folder in such portable way?

so if i/they want to use it on windows, i only need to create a shortcut to the my program on the copied folder, and when i/they want to use it on linux, i only need to "ln -s" to $PATH to that my program on the copied folder

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for JRuby only:

answers from: Moh Hasbi Assidiqi

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