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I have Windows7 as my base operating system. On top of that I installed Virtual Box with Ubuntu. I want ubuntu to get same IP address as that of my base os (Win7). How do I achieve this? Any idea?

Thanks, Saurabh.

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You can't have the same IP address and expect to be able to communicate. How would the packets know where to go?

If you're talking about both your host and guest seeming to have the same IP to the outside world, you simply set the network connection up to be NAT rather than bridged.

This will do network address translation on the host, basically using the host to route the packets and change the source and destination details in them.

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Thanks! I tried by NAT. Actully I am trying 2-node cluster with ubuntu virtual box on different machines which have win7 as there base os. Since VB is on different machines for each it is showing same IP as Since it has to a cluster, VBs should have different IPs so that they can ping each other. –  Saurabh Feb 20 '13 at 6:04
@Saurabh, if you want to cluster two Ubuntu VMs, they're the ones that may need identical IP addresses, nothing to do with the actual host machines. And your clustering software should handle the routing of packets depending on who's live and backup at any point in time (if they're both live, they'll have different IP addresses, I guarantee it). –  paxdiablo Feb 20 '13 at 6:07

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