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I am trying to tear down query returned from find call using containable in CakePHP.

for example I have 2 models, User and Post. User hasMany Post.

Now when I am using containable on find call like so:

$User->id = 1;
$User->find('first', array(
    'fields' => array('id'),
    'contain' => array('Post')

It will not return the associated Post, instead will just return the id of the user.

It works however if I am trying to fetch the data the other way around. i.e this works:

   $Post->find('first', array(
        'fields' => array('id', 'user_id'),
        'conditions' => array('Post.user_id' => 1),
        'contain' => array('User')

this doesn't:

   $Post->find('first', array(
        'fields' => array('id'),
        'conditions' => array('Post.user_id' => 1),
        'contain' => array('User')

From the returned values I then suppose that for the containable to works, the foreignKey has to be in the fields.

How then would I be able to filter out the User fields on the first call as the association of user is stored in Post.user_id?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank's.


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Does Post belongTo User? Maybe you need to define the relationships in both directions for everything to work. –  Lawrence Barsanti Sep 30 '09 at 13:28
@deceze I've tried setting recursive to 9999 (I know 2 is sufficient, but humor me). But it doesn't give me the associated post, It does work if I don't put the fields specification up there. i. e find('all', array('contain' => 'Post')). but I need to actually filter out User's fields. –  SiGanteng Oct 1 '09 at 1:34
Can you post the code demonstrating how you defined your User model's $hasMany array? –  Matt Huggins Oct 2 '09 at 4:40

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As larryb82 said you'll need to define the relationship in both directions in order to retrieve Posts data from the User model

A user has many posts. A post belongs to an user

CakePHP Doc example

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