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I am using struts2-jqgrid-plugin to so show data in Grid-view, I want to have filters on the grid. I am able to show filters on Grid, I am also able to the data suppose name of the users on the column but data is not displayed in drop-down list but in a json-string format like this string {"helpDeskUsers":"success","userList":{"departments":null,"helper_name":"anand","helper_value":null,"user_level":null},

My jqgrid is

<s:url var="fillUser" action="getAllUsers" />


           filterOptions="{stringResult :true,
                            searchOnEnter : true,
                            enableClear : true}" 
         <sjg:gridColumn name="assigned_to"   index="issue_status" title="Assigned To" sortable="false"  search="true"
            searchoptions="{sopt:['eq','ne'], dataUrl : '%{fillUser}'}"/> 

I want to have filters something like this link, Here The shipcity column having the drop-down list containing the list of cities, and based on the cities ,user can filter the data. How to do this?

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The <select tag will not work with json list, you should use something like

...searchoptions="{sopt:['eq','ne'], dataUrl : '%{fillUser}'}"/>

Step1: Now map action url forfillUser , which returns a jsp(selctbox.jsp) on success.
Step2: In selctbox.jsp mention your
<sj:select name="myuserlist" key="" value=""..../>i.e same as you have mention in <sjg:gridcolumn for dropdown.

You are done. Whenever you will load your grid. You will find your fillUser dropdown list.

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Okay I made it work around just i have to create an action which can hold the list in s:select to do so ,

This is the action-result which hold the drop-down list

<s:select list="userList" theme="simple"
        headerKey="-1" headerValue="Select Any"
          listKey="helper_name" listValue="helper_name" />
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