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Okay, I have a customer table

in the screen shot, you can see the columns

and what I want to do is if the customer's gender is Male, the I want to concat his name with Mr. else if it is Female, the it should be concated with Ms. how can I do it?

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Another way to do it

                WHEN 'Male' THEN 'Mr. ' 
                WHEN 'Female' THEN 'Ms. ' 
              END,  `fname`,  ' ', `lname`) AS `name` 
  FROM customer



|           NAME |
|   Mr. Jhon Doe |
| Ms. Helen Ross |

You might use CASE gender WHEN 'Male' THEN 'Mr. ' ELSE 'Ms. ' but the problem with that is if your gender column is nullable then you'll get Ms. for all records where gender is unknown (or customer didn't want to disclose it)

sqlfiddle for that

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hey, thanks a lot. you saved my day :) –  Nayana Rajapaksha Feb 21 '13 at 15:31

you can use inline IF statement,

SELECT  IF(gender = 'Male', CONCAT('Mr. ', fname),CONCAT('Ms. ', fname)) Name
FROM    customer

you can also use CASE which other RDBMS supports

SELECT  CASE WHEN gender = 'Male'
            THEN CONCAT('Mr. ', fname)
            ELSE CONCAT('Ms. ', fname)
        END Name
FROM    customer
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