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simple question...

I have a matrix, lets say A = magic(512). I display it as imagesc(A). Now, I know, that 1px is equal to lets say x=15 [um]. How to display axis values in um instead of px? Thanks

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What you want to do is change the XTickLabel and YTickLabel. This should do the trick:

A = magic(512);

You use the fact that XTick and XTickLabel are usually the same and this way you avoid having to convert the chars from XTickLabel to numbers first. (Same goes for Y of course).

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Often I like to see two scales. I do it by overlaying a second axes.


A = magic(512);
a1 = gca;
a2 = axes('Color','none','XLim',get(a1,'XLim')/15,'YLim',get(a1,'YLim')/15,...

Has the advantage in a2 you can draw using the x and y coordinates in the unit [um].

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