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I have 100 issues in my sprint(Ex:Sprint 10). Now i want to move 50 issues to new Sprint(Ex:Sprint11) without creating new sprint manually.

As a workaround, I have selected that 50 issues and rightclick then doing bulk change. There i have "Change Sprint" available. If i give 11 then it creates sprint11 automatically and move the issues to Sprint11. But in some cases if i give any random numbers it says "Sprint must Exits:44"

Is this the correct way to bulkmove to new sprint? If so what is the reason to occur the error?

Thanks in advance


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The reason it doesn't work is because it is not intended to work in this way. You cannot just randomly create Sprint XXX when you don't have Sprint XXX-1.

Just create a new empty Sprint and then bulk-copy the issues over to it. You could also ask for a feature request from Atlassian as to have a button called "Create new sprint with the selected issues". Go to

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Thanks a lot...Now i got it. – xavierkcb Feb 22 '13 at 7:58

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