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I have a code to copy propper configuration file on deploy:

  <Target Name="CopyConfigFiles">
    <_ConfigFiles Include="Configurations\*.$(Platform).config" />
    <FilesForPackagingFromProject  Include="%(_ConfigFiles.Identity)">

Is it possible to remove $(Platform) from result files ?


  • $(Platform) = Production
  • Source: connectionString.Production.config
  • Destination: connectionString.config
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No, even if set to empty, you will have a double . in the filename and it will break. $(Platform) should either prefix or affix the ., then it can be made empty. – leppie Feb 20 '13 at 7:38
@leppie Well, it's a file. So it can always be renamed. msbuild has Copy and Delete task to do a rename – nos Feb 20 '13 at 7:40

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An alternative solution would be to actually reference connectionString.config in your project and substitute it with an appropriate version on a pre-build msbuuild step.

We had a similair approach to handling environment-specific configuration files (so we had:

  • web.production.config
  • web.staging.config
  • web.debug.config

    However, a pre-build step was used to pick one of this files and overwrite existing web.config files, so when it came to execution/deployment/packaging system dealed with correct environment-specific config file, named web.config.

This approach is well described by Scott Hanselman in his blog post

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In my opinion the best thing is "config transformations". They are really easy to learn, very powerful ,you override only the portion of the web.config that is changing for that particular platform, and they are bundled with Visual Studio. Take a look at this blog

I hope that helps.

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