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I am using a light-box in which I am having some trouble with jquery scrolltop() function. When light box opens it hides the document's scroll bar if it has any and save the vertical scroll position in a variable and when it closes, it brings back the scroll bar of the document and sets the scroll bar to it's old position. here's the code :

                'overflow-y' : 'auto'

In this situation scrollTop function doesn't work at all. so I tried setTimeout function to set the scroll position. here's the code :

                'overflow-y' : 'auto'

Now it works but page is jerking every now and then. I also tried animate() function but in vain.

What probably happening is that first the browser is setting the scroll bar to its default position i.e. 0 when I am setting the overflow-y to auto and after that $('html').scrollTop(org_scrolltop); this line of code is being executed. And in this process the page jerks.

I want to know is there any clean way to do it, I mean without using setTimeout. Any idea's will be very helpful.

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"And in this process the page jerks off" -- phrasing!! :) – roosteronacid Feb 20 '13 at 8:44

Use this:

$('html, body').animate({
    scrollTop: 0
}, 1000);

Obviously change the 0 to the position you with to scroll to, and change the 1000 to however long you want the scrolling to take.

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hey Matt, i tried that too but the problem with animate function is that you have to wait for 1000 or ** milliseconds before it sets the scroll bar position and i don,t want that. And if i try to set the animation time to less then either the page jerks or it doesn't work at all. – james anderson Feb 25 '13 at 7:57

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