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I have create a simple HtmlHelper class in my MVC3 application and put it in "App_Data\PriceHelper.cshtml"

code in PriceHelper,cshtml

@helper DisplayPrice(double price)

when i am tried to use this helper in my view at that time it not allow me to use @PriceHelper.DisplayPrice().

but if i put hepler method on same view then it work.

please let me know how can use HtmlHelper from App_Data to my view?

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The Razor helpers can be reused when they are stored in App_Code folder not App_Data.

You can find more details here: ASP.NET MVC 3 and the @helper syntax within Razor

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App_Data is intended for data resources (xml, text, db files) not code. Use another folder for this, e.g. Views/Shared.

My choice would be to create an HTML helper (and put it in the model):

public static class HtmlHelpers
        public static string DisplayPrice(this HtmlHelper helper, double price)
            return String.Format("{0:N}", price);

used like this in a view:

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