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I have a link. Like this:

<a href="#" title="Title from this link"></a>

I want remove this title and put the title text in a data attribute. As data-title. How can i make this with jquery. So remove the title element. And place the text of the title element. In a new title data element.


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Please show sample output – Sankalp Mishra Feb 20 '13 at 7:47
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// you'd probably wanna give an unique id to your anchor to more easily identify it
var anchor = $('a'); 
var title = anchor.attr('title');
anchor.attr('data-title', title);
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// set title data-title to value of title
$("a").attr("data-title", $("a").attr("title"))
// clear title
$("a").attr("title", "");

Also I would give your link a class, so this action doesn't run on every a on the entire page.

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$("a").attr("data-title", $("a").attr("title"));
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User attr method to set the attribute of element. And removeAttr method to remove the attribute

 $("a").attr("data-title", $("a").attr("title"));
 $("a").attr("title", ""); 
 // or

PS: Would suggest a unique id or a class for the anchor element

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<a id="1" href="#" title="Title from this link 1"></a>
<a id="2" href="#" title="Title from this link 2"></a>

var t = $("a[title='Title from this link 1']").attr("title");
$("#2").attr("title", t);
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jsfiddle link :

you can see the changes happen to the links in the result window by using firebug or any other dev tool

//example code one
var tempLink = $('#link');//cash the jquery object for performance
tempLink.attr('data-title', tempLink.attr('title')).removeAttr('title');

/*In above example I used an id to capture the html element, which mean u can only do above step only for one element. If you want to apply above step for many links you can use the following code. In this case I'm using a class name for the link element*/

//example code two
    $(this).attr('data-title', $(this).attr('title')).removeAttr('title');


HTML for the above example

<!-- for example code one -->
<a id="link" class="link" href="#" title="Title from this link"></a>

<!-- for example code two -->
<a class="link" href="#" title="Title from this link 1"></a>
<a class="link" href="#" title="Title from this link 2"></a>
<a class="link" href="#" title="Title from this link 3"></a>
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