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By default, bzr diff does not show differences in binary files. However, a large part of ODT (open office, libre office) files contain XML data under the surface. (ODT stores xml data as an archive (zip ?))

Is there a plugin which allows bazaar to look into archives? Or are there any special plugins for ODT documents?

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From the description, the following plugin should do the job: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/plugins/en/oodiff.html

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Ok, gave it a short try, but it fails (on get_default_plugin_path). Probably a version differnce between my bazaar and oodiffs' –  taper Feb 20 '13 at 8:33

The "official" branch of the oodiff plugin is out of date, and doesn't work with the latest version of Bazaar.

I created a new branch with bugfixes, it should work better. You can install with:

bzr branch lp:~janos-gyerik/bzr-oodiff/fixes-for-bzr2.5 ~/.bazaar/plugins/oodiff

I tested it with a few ODT files and it works for differences in the working tree and differences in past revisions.

Let me know if you see more issues, as I plan to continue working on this plugin.

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