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I am using spring 3.0 and trying a property setter injection for Map<String ,String>

Here are the configs and setter method: Spring configuration is as below:

<bean name="geocoder" class="com.g1.component.igeocode.RemoteGeocoder" >
         <property name="geocoderConverters">
                <entry key="Default" value="com.g1.component.igeocode.mapmarker.DefaultGeocoderConverter"/>
                <entry key="" value="com.g1.component.igeocode.mapmarker.GeocoderConverter_v4_8_1_51"/>

private Map<String, String> geocoderConverters;

    public Map<String, String> getGeocoderConverters() {
        return geocoderConverters;

    public void setGeocoderConverters(Map<String, String> geocoderConverters) {
        this.geocoderConverters = geocoderConverters;

But i am getting below error at runtime:

Error creating bean with name 'geocoder' defined in URL [file:/E:/Spectrum code/Spectrum 7/cdqplatform/platform/server/dist/target/g1server/server/app/tmp/]: Error setting property values; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.PropertyBatchUpdateException; nested PropertyAccessExceptions (1) are:
    PropertyAccessException 1: org.springframework.beans.MethodInvocationException: Property 'geocoderConverters' threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Method invoker set on com.g1.component.igeocode.RemoteGeocoder@12a6f35

Can someone please throw insight on this?


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Try it with Map<Object, Object> instead. – Anders R. Bystrup Feb 20 '13 at 12:55
I tried this but this also doesn't work :( – Pankaj Dwivedi Feb 21 '13 at 7:55
Hmmm, I know for a fact that this can work with setXXX( Map<Object,Object> map ), <map key-type="java.lang.String"> and <entry key="abc" value-ref="beanRef"/> so I suspect your problem isn't with the Spring part. – Anders R. Bystrup Feb 21 '13 at 10:37

Try specifying keys and values type to String:

<property name="geocoderConverters">
    <map key-type="java.lang.String" value-type="java.lang.String" map-class="java.util.HashMap">
        <entry key="Default" value="com.g1.component.igeocode.mapmarker.DefaultGeocoderConverter"/>
        <entry key="" value="com.g1.component.igeocode.mapmarker.GeocoderConverter_v4_8_1_51"/>
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I tried this but still not working. I also tried declaring map as Map instead of Map<String,String> but still not picking it. Not sure what spring expect as setter method signature for Maps. – Pankaj Dwivedi Feb 21 '13 at 7:55
Ok try to change your Map to HashMap and add "map-class="java.util.HashMap" – Benoit Wickramarachi Feb 21 '13 at 15:31
I tried following : <util:map id="converters" map-class="java.util.HashMap" key-type="java.lang.String" value-type="java.lang.String"> <entry key="Default" value="com.g1.component.igeocode.mapmarker.DefaultGeocoderConverter" /> <entry key="" value="com.g1.component.igeocode.mapmarker.GeocoderConverter_v4_8_1_51" /> </util:map>. Also changed the property to HashMap. Tried various permutations but still facing same issue :( – Pankaj Dwivedi Feb 22 '13 at 9:08

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