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I know

:set number


:set nonumber

I want to know whether there is any command in vi/vim

:set togglenumber

to display line number if the line numbers is not showing or hiding line numbers if line numbers is showing.

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either set number! or invnumber. See also this table I made some time ago. – Benoit Feb 20 '13 at 9:35
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You can use (on VIM at least):

:set invnumber

More Info:

:set number      Turn line numbers on
:set nonumber    Turn line numbers off
:set invnumber   Toggle line numbers
:set number!     Toggle line numbers
:set number&     Set option to default value
:set number?     Show value of option 


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In vim, many options support this set pattern, (for example, foo):

"enable the option
set foo

"disable it
set nofoo

"toggle the option
set foo!

"get option's current value
set foo?

for number, map a key to :set nu! would be ok.

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You can toggle any (boolean) option using the ! suffix, i.e. :set number! would toggle displaying line numbers.

The on-board help for this command is a bit hidden; while one would think :help toggle would get you there, it doesn't quite. Using :help set-! is the magic word.

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