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I am first time trying debugfs to transfer data from the kernel to the user space. Please suggest how to proceed in this regard.

I do not want to use tty driver. It is just for practice from my side. Actually i am trying to write my kernel driver for USART where interrupt data will be pushed to user-space application using debugfs ring buffer.

Long before i found a post by a fellow Stackexchange friend to his GIT repository -- where he had implemented debugfs as ring buffer ... but that link is lost to me... so not able to find some refrence to proced in this regard.

Please suggest.

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i know few links which i tried from eugene :--- –  Katoch Feb 20 '13 at 9:05

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I think you should use netlink .

Netlink socket is a special IPC used for transferring information between kernel and user-space processes. It provides a full-duplex communication link between the two by way of standard socket APIs for user-space processes and a special kernel API for kernel modules.

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