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How to convert IWebdriver mock object to IJavaScriptExecutor?

My code:

private Mock<IWebDriver> _mockBrowserDriver;
_mockBrowserDriver = new Mock<IWebDriver>();
var jsExecutor = (IJavaScriptExecutor) _mockBrowserDriver;


Unable to cast object of type 'Castle.Proxies.IWebDriverProxy' to type 'OpenQA.Selenium.IJavaScriptExecutor'.
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What are you trying to accomplish here? IJavaScriptExecutor doesn't inherit from IWebDriver and vice versa. From the decompiled sources, here are the signatures:

public interface IWebDriver : ISearchContext, IDisposable {}

public interface ISearchContext {}

public interface IJavaScriptExecutor {}

If you want to perform a cast on a mocked instance, you'll need to use the Object property, which is of the actual type being mocked, as in:

var jsExecutor = (IJavaScriptExecutor) _mockBrowserDriver.Object;

In this instance, you'll still get an invalid cast exception.

As an aside, why are you trying to mock IWebDriver? As it tends to be used for acceptance testing, are you trying to unit test your acceptance test code? If not, are you actually using IWebDriver in your production code?

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I found a solution by adding below statement


Thanks to Charles. Thanks to levelnis for damn quick reply, I was amazed!!!

  1. Yes I am writing a unit test case by preparing the mock objects.
  2. Unit test cases for testing the custom selenium actions.
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