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I'm relatively new to Grails. I have the following

class House {
    Integer number
    Integer maxResidents

    static belongsTo = [town: Town]

class Town {
    String name

    static hasMany = [houses: House]

I want to get five towns with most Houses. I have seen the possibility to create a criteria but I can't deal with it now. Can someone support? Thank you!

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As you have a bidirectional association you can do this with a query on House:

def result = House.withCriteria {
  projections {
    groupProperty("town", "town")
  order("numHouses", "desc")

This would return you a list of results where each result res has the town as res[0] and the number of houses as res[1]. If you'd prefer each result to be a map giving access to and res.numHouses then you should add


after the maxResults line (along with the appropriate import at the top of your file).

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