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As my complex question says, methinks, quite much search would be involved, if I wanted to solve it alone.

I don't know anything about these 2 platforms and getting acquainted with both their Hardware and Programming abilities / tools would be quite time-consuming.

So, would kindly ask the community:

(Thinking at a huge company level and not as an Indie) what would be the greatest issues during porting the 3D AAA game on the programming side?

(Mentioning the most significant ones would be sufficient)

Many many thanx, good - Byte.

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The DSi has little RAM (~16Mo) to work with, fairly slow processors (66MHz) and limited number of polygons. So direct conversion of a modern 3D game will be a nightmare. You're much better to consider adapting your assets to the DSi specs rather than trying to stick "as close as possible" to the iPhone version.

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