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I would like to write an UFT8 encoded text file with LibreOffice Basic.

The example here http://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/BASIC_Guide/Structure_of_Text_Documents#Example:_simple_HTML_export shows the use of the regular text writing

 Filename = "c:\temp\text.html"
 FileNo = Freefile
 Open Filename For Output As #FileNo   
 Print #FileNo, "<html><body>"

I traverse a document paragraph by paragraph and within paragraphs text element by text element

 Enum2 = TextElement.createEnumeration
 While Enum2.hasMoreElements
     TextPortion = Enum2.nextElement

Depending on the findings document content is written to the text HTML file.

However Unicode characters are not written. Is it possible to enable UFT8 character writing?

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A workaround is to convert all Unicode characters to NCRs first. Then it does not matter that the PRINT command does not deal with Unicode.

' search and replace Unicode values with NCRs (Numerical Character References)
' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCR

Dim oDoc,aFind,aReplace,aRayCount,oFandR

    oDoc = thisComponent

    aFind = Array("Ɛ","ɛ","Ɔ","ɔ","Ŋ","ŋ")
    aReplace = Array("&#x190;","&#x25B;","&#x186;","&#x254;","&#x14A;","&#x14B;")
    index = 0

    oFandR = oDoc.createReplaceDescriptor
    oFandR.SearchCaseSensitive = true
    oFandR.SearchRegularExpression = false
    While index <= uBound(aFind)
        index = index + 1
End Sub

Adapted from


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