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I have a fixed footer on my page, which consists of text and has no background image. I also have a fixed background image which is positioned to the bottom right. I was wandering what I could do to prevent my content from overlapping with both the footer and the background image as I scroll down the page. Is there anyway to put padding between them while I scroll?

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You can put a padding-bottom the height of your footer to your main container. Something like this:

.footer { height: 150px; }
.container { padding-bottom: 150px; }

This will prevent content to be under the fixed footer.

Edit: here is the fiddle - http://jsfiddle.net/2KZyv/ When you reach the bottom of the page, the footer isn't on top of the content thanks to the bottom padding on the container.

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That didn't work, the content is still visible under the footer as I scroll. Thanks for the suggestion though. –  user2090524 Feb 20 '13 at 9:52

You could have a white background on the footer, cause having a transparent fixed footer is bound to give overlapping problems. As for the background image on the bottom right, just include a z-index code and push it all the way back and you'll have everything on the top.

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