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i want to set my code to another class, example: A new class AgeCalculate.cs, How can I get the data from AgeCalculate.cs back to my Button_Click event.


AgeCalculate Calculate = new AgeCalculate();?

and from the class to Form1 =?

My code is now in button_Click.

        double startkapital = 0;
        double procentsats = 0;
        int år = 0;
        double kapital = 0;

        startkapital = int.Parse(sKapTxt.Text);
        procentsats = int.Parse(proSatsTxt.Text);

        kapital = startkapital;

        while (kapital < startkapital * 2)
            kapital = kapital * (1 + procentsats / 100);
            år = år + 1;

            listBox1.Items.Add("Årtal: " + år);
            listBox1.Items.Add("Kapital: " + kapital + "kr ");
            listBox1.Items.Add(" ");

        listBox1.Items.Add("Totalt antal år: " + år + "år ");
        listBox1.Items.Add("Total kapital: " + kapital + "kr ");
        listBox1.Items.Add(" ");

        double exaktaåret = år / ((100 + procentsats) / 100);

        listBox1.Items.Add(string.Format("Kapitalet fördubblades efter {0:0} år", exaktaåret));

        if (kapital >= 2 * startkapital)
            listBox1.Visible = true;
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Sorry, I can't understand this. – It'sNotALie. Feb 20 '13 at 9:58
This is not Visual Studio, stop tagging it with it. – leppie Feb 20 '13 at 10:24
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First, under your button_Click in your code behind C# event you will need to create an object of AgeCalculate.cs. I am not sure whether this is the correct way or not in C# but here it goes:

        AgeCalculate calc = new AgeCalculate(); 

Then you use the object you created to call a function which returns the age calculated like this:


But before all, make sure in your class AgeCalculate there is a Function which has a return to return calculated age. And then once you do calc.FunctionName the calculated age will be returned.


In AgeCalculate.cs

public string calc(string value1)
    //calculate age
    String str = calculated age;
    return str;

In C#

AgeCalculate calculate = new AgeCalculate();

calculate.calc(pass the argument you will use to calculate age);
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You can create a public property in your AgeClass and get that property in your button click.

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