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I'm developping a tool which should be published as a ClickOnce signed application on a Sharepoint website.

The problem is that, when executing the .application executable from Sharepoint, I get an error whith the following sentence (in french):

Le fichier <nom de l'appli>.exe.config possède un hachage calculé différent de celui spécifié dans le manifeste.

in english:

File, <application name>.exe.config, has a different computed hash than specified in manifest.

Having some knowledge on digital signature, I understand that the .config file was modified after publication by some mysterious way...

Moreover, by publishing my application locally, I never get this error.

Then I assume it comes from Sharepoint which should modify .config files...

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I word around this issue by simply Visual Studio to use .deploy file extension.

This can be set under Project properties>Publish>Options>Deployment and then check Use ".deploy" file extension

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