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I am currently working on eclipse plugin development. I am working with the builders and markers and I have implemented a rename participant where it checks for a valid file name (does not contain any special characters, lets assume a valid file name to be a alpha numeric regular expression). Its working fine when the user is working within the workbench. Say, when a user directly goes into the file system and changes the file name. I have implemented the markers for this case too. It will show problem marker for the respective file in the project stating, "Invalid file entered - {filename}"

Is there any possibility to change the action on clicking the respective problem marker in the problems view. Say, if such a rename problem marker comes I want to open the rename resource dialog instead of opening the respective file on clicking the problem in the view. Any help upon that.

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Although this does not change the double-click behaviour of the marker, you could provide a Quick Fix for the user as described in the Eclipse marker resolution help, and display the rename resource dialog from within the IMarkerResolutionGenerator you provide.

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That's exactly how Eclipse wants this to be implemented, therefore I also recommend this way. – Bananeweizen Feb 23 '13 at 7:01

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