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My Firefox just did an update, and now all my XMLHttpRequest (that worked 10 minutes ago) answer in Chinese...

I can read this as responseText in firebug :

"㰿硭氠癥牳楯渽∱⸰∠敮捯摩湧㴢畴昭ㄶ∿㸍਼㽸浬⵳瑹汥獨敥琠瑹灥㴧瑥硴⽸獬✠桲敦㴧⽯扩砯硳搧㼾ഊ㱯扪慭攽≷慴捨㌢⁨牥昽≨瑴瀺⼯ㄲ㜮〮〮ㄺ㠰㠰⽯扩砯睡瑣桓敲癩捥⽷慴捨㌯∠楳㴢潢楸㩗慴捨∾ഊ†㱲敬瑩浥慭攽≬敡獥∠桲敦㴢汥慳支∠睲楴慢汥㴢瑲略∠癡氽≐吵䴢楮㴢偔こ∠⼾ഊ†㱩湴慭攽≡摤䙲敱略湣礢⁨牥昽≡摤䙲敱略湣礯∠睲楴慢汥㴢瑲略∠癡氽∵〰∠浩渽∰∠⼾ഊ†㱯瀠湡浥㴢慤搢⁨牥昽≡摤⼢⁩渽≯扩砺坡瑣桉渢畴㴢潢楸㩗慴捨併琢 㸍ਠ‼潰慭攽≲敭潶攢⁨牥昽≲敭潶支∠楮㴢潢楸㩗慴捨䥮∠潵琽≯扩砺乩氢 㸍ਠ‼潰慭攽≰潬汃桡湧敳∠桲敦㴢灯汬䍨慮来猯∠楮㴢潢楸㩎楬∠潵琽≯扩砺坡瑣桏畴∠⼾ഊ†㱯瀠湡浥㴢灯汬剥晲敳栢⁨牥昽≰潬汒敦牥獨⼢⁩渽≯扩砺乩氢畴㴢潢楸㩗慴捨併琢 㸍ਠ‼潰慭攽≤敬整攢⁨牥昽≤敬整支∠楮㴢潢楸㩎楬∠潵琽≯扩砺乩氢 㸍ਠ‼潰慭攽≳瑡琢⁨牥昽≳瑡琯∠楮㴢潢楸㩎楬∠潵琽≯扩砺坡瑣桓瑡琢 㸍਼⽯扪"

This is fun, but I really would like to have my real answer back.

Do you know if I can change a setting or something?

An important thing to know, is that my ajax code is a crossdomain request. Is it possible that something changed in the http header encoding ?

Thanx a lot !

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For information, my Firefox version is 19.0. – Christopher Lorent Feb 20 '13 at 13:01
And in Wireshark evrything seems correct (I have my correct xml). – Christopher Lorent Feb 20 '13 at 15:26
I found now anwser to this, but it seems to be a bug in Firefox 19 in cross-domain ajax calls. I temporary fixed it with downloading the previous version of firefox : firefox 18 download page... – Christopher Lorent Feb 21 '13 at 14:48
Solved : the problem was a bug in our code AND a regression in firefox 19. The xml was UTF-8 encoded but with a UTF-16 header. This was solved with changing the xml header. Note that this bug in our code caused no problem with all other browsers we tested or with older versions of Firefox. – Christopher Lorent Feb 22 '13 at 16:06

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Firefox now gives precedence to the UTF-16 BOM over HTTP. This is not a regression but an intentional change. Better not use a UTF-16 BOM if the bytes after it aren't UTF-16!

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