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I'm looking for specific steps to publish & distribute a Content App for Excel built using NAPA to work within Office 365 Preview. I have used the download option in NAPA to bring down my NAPA project as a Visual Studio solution.

I found these MSDN links on this topic but there is nothing specific for publishing it to Office 365 Preview:

How to: Package an app for Office for publishing by using Visual Studio

How to: Publish task pane and content apps to an app catalog on SharePoint

I could go as far uploading the XML manifest of my app in OfficeAppManifests folder in the app.publish folder to the "Apps for Office catalog" in my Office 365 Preview site. However I could not figure out the steps to get the deployment package of the web application project that appears as a zip file onto my Office 365 Preview site.

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please refer my answer in my previous post

Do let me know if that doesn't work for you.

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