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I have a table person which has this record :

-record(person, {id, firstname, lastname, address}).

I want to develop a function which will retreive the last id of this table

I try with this function :

get_userId() ->
    Q = qlc:q([{X#person.id} || X <- mnesia:table(person)
    case do(Q) of
        [{H}] ->
            {ok, H};
        [] ->
            {error, notfound}

And I do the test with this code

    case get_userId() of
         {ok, H}->io:format("~s~n",[H]);

         [] ->
            {error, notfound}

but I have error when I make the test

2> model:test().
** exception error: no case clause matching [{238},
     in function  model:get_userId/0
     in call from model:test/0
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I want the equivalent of this sql systax : SELECT id FROM person ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1 –  ali othmani Feb 20 '13 at 11:30

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The problem is that the value returned from do(Q) is a list containing many elements. You see them listed in the error report. However patterns which you match this value against only will match a list with one element, [{H}], the list with no elements, the empty list []. Therefore you get a case_clause error as none of the clauses match.

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