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I need to run some Selenium tests on multiple platforms with multiple browsers and I didn't figure out how to configure the matrix for the multi-configuration project. What I want is to exclude Safari testing on the Windows node. Here is the matrix which I need to have:

                   Firefox Chrome IE  Safari
 Windows (slave)     x       x    x     -
 Mac (slave)         -       -    -     x

 'x'=test, '-'=ignore  

For the execution part I can write a python script which will issue the proper commands based on the current OS

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In job configuration in Configuration Matrix category there is a checkbox Combination Filter. Add the following there:

!(label == 'Windows' && browser == 'Safari')

Assuming that label and browser are the right names of the variables you are using. If still in doubt, press "?" right of the text field. There is a very good help text there.

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Yes, found it. Just wanted to post the solution. –  danizgod Feb 20 '13 at 12:48

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