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I want to check the SpamAssassin SPAM score of E-Mails including headers generated by a script from a WebApp.

Therefore I need to run this mail through SpamAssassin to get the specific SPAM headers like:

Yes, score=6.032 

One possibility could be to install SpamAssassin on the server and run it through this installation.

Is there some online service where I can paste/send the mail to and this service gives me the SPAM headers?

Yes, I know that you can configure SpamAssassin with different settings and therefore the SPAM score may vary from installation to installation, but a basic evaluation would help already.

Or is there a possibility to check the RFC conformance of a message? (Because SpamAssassin also evaluates this (eg. MIME_HTML_ONLY which means that you have no plain text content and therefore the mail isn't RFC conformant)).


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Here are some online resources for checking spam scores:

Or for offline checking:

And here some tips to avoid False Positives: http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/AvoidingFpsForSenders

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